OBJECTIVE: an indpendent installation that explores different executions of messaging and continouts thought

OUTCOME a total of eight 24x32 pieces of newsprint were hung on the walls. I would film myself writing on the newsprint and filling it up in one continuous sitting. I later transcribed the orginal writing and placed a printed transcript next to each newsprint inviting the viewer to highlight/edit the transcript. transcripts were also displayed in 300pt font creating 600 pages scattered across the gallery. transcripts were also framed and displayed in 5pt font.

the purpose of this was to show how the same message is abstracted in different forms. often times one piece of newsprint would take 3-4 hours of non-stop writing, leading my thoughts to get further abstracted as they go on.

the exhibit was interactive
and allowed the audience to highlight and edit my thoughts. 

SKILLS:design theory, linguistics, exhibit design, typography