OBJECTIVE:To maintain McDonald’s as a voice in pop culture by relating to our audience’s common truths and interests.

OUTCOME:Instagram posts, TikToks, and tweets deriving from pop culture events, social trends, and fan truths. By focusing our organic strategy on staying real-time and penetrating new subcultures with our content, we were able to gain 364,936 new followers on Twitter, an overall 8.3% growth. On the platform we had 147,700,155 impressions with over 1,625,092 engagements and our average Twitter post reach is 53% higher than our next closest competitor.

SKILLS:design, concepting, copywriting, video editing, animation

PUBLISHED WORK:McDonald’s Instagram, McDonald’s twitter, McDonald’s TikTok

TEAM:Creative Director: Mike Vitiello, Creative Lead: Courtney O’Donnell Art Director: Kiana Fernandez
Copywriter: Arzu Kir
Community Manager: Jade Smith Designer: Mike Devine



infamous tiktok of me with a crazy crying filter over my face: