JUNE 2021 - APRIL2022

OBJECTIVE:To brand Kraft Mayo as the internet obsessed meme voice of mayo brands / To brand Kraft Heinz as a family friendly brand embracing innovation and creativity in every meal 

OUTCOME:As my first clients in my professional post-grad career, the main outcome was learning a ton. I gained experience working with creative teams, pitching to clients, and collaborating with account, strategy, and creative directors. We achieved daily engagement with our audience and crafted a brand voice from scratch.

SKILLS:design, concepting, copywriting, video editing, animation

TEAM:Creative Director: Mike Vitiello, Art Director: Kiana Fernande Copywriter: Mitch Swenson Copywriter: Ralph Bristout Community Manager: Arzu Kir 


  Below are tweets and instagram posts from Heinz that focus on spreading daily delight, curiosity, and creativity.
Along with daily reactive social, we were also tasked with larger campagin focuses social pushes including
the Heinz packet roller and an April Fool’s Day Oreo-Heinz partnership that gained what’s still the most organic likes on Heinz’s Instagram.


Below are tweets, Instagram posts and TikToks centered around establishing Kraft Mayo with
an internet obsessed tone of voice playing off of classic memes and social media trends.
This involved daily brainstorming sessions with the team, collaborations, and weekly client meetings. But mostly they are some
silly memes and fun times made with my closest friendworkers. the mayown buisnaisse tweet took us an hour to crack.