OBJECTIVE: to explore themes of internet and identity using installation, net, and new media art. The project was an Elgas Project Grant recepient.

OUTCOME: a wide variety of one-off net art websites, video, and sculpture creating an immersive installation. show specific instagram filters were created to promote the show. Site experiments can be found at aninfinitecapacity.com

SKILLS:sparkAR filter design, web design, design theory, projection mapping, exhibit design, sculpture, video editing

I installed the space with lasercut foamcore and hung them from the ceiling. I had collected two old televisions which I spray painted white in order for projections to show up better on them. The TVs were turned on for the exhibit. Each day I updated the Mac on the floor by playing different recordings of the websites I made. The projector was a Lightform LF2 which I used to scan the room and projection map

Instagram filter and posters to promote the show.